LEAP Summit 2018


LEAP Summit was held in Zagreb from 15- 18, 3. 2018. I was really glad to attend it and it was so inspirational. I decided to shear some of the lessons.  They confirmed  believe that you are responsible for your life and success.  And you can change the world if you follow your heart and passion and add value to other people lives.

Mr. Alejtin Berisha is a serial entrepreneur, educator and an investor and the Founder of Finnish Schools International. His lecture was more why we need more education and less schooling.

Mr. Ben Woldring started his entrepreneurship when he was 13 years old. School assignment led him to success. His message was that he sees opportunities everywhere. 

Ms. Bella Funck had a talk about to dare to act. Find your purpose and act on it.

Mr. Kamran Elahian has the vision to inspire 50 millions of young people to start a business and that they have the power to change the world. If 1% start something it is 500 thousand of people. If only 100 thousand people have a successful business a hire 100 people, it is 10 million of new jobs.

Some of his sentences are:

The change happened when I realized that I can be change maker!

The world is a fantastic place, don’t listen to people who say otherwise! 

There are no excuses! Go and follow your heart!

If Kamran can do it, anyone can!

Mr. Mate Rimac told his story. He started from the garage and now he has company. He is truly an example how you can have success in Croatia.

My hat goes to speakers and people who organized, it was excellent Summit and I am looking forward to LEAP Summit 2019.

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