How to get started?


Someday I was thinking about how to start a certain project. I am over thinker and love to analyze things, making list pro and cons and most of the time I spend over analyzing not actually doing it.  I spent hours listening to podcasts and youtube videos on how to start and I had What if syndrome? You know that syndrome, you want to start something you love and negative thoughts rush into the battle. “But, what if nobody will like my project?” “What if my project fails?” etc. and you dump your dream project to some other day and that day never comes.

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My method to win in this what if  battle is simple. I start doing the project in simple, non-threatening way and it is making it easier to start. Some of the coaches love the answer “So what?”  on that “What if” question and they love the quote “Life is outside of your comfort zone” but it is not for me.
I like to break the project into small pieces and make baby steps to manage it. This is how I step from my comfort zone and I am not into a danger zone and it is a lot easier to start (and finish) project.

How do you start on your projects?


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