Idea is nothing!


I wrote about how I was s**t scared when it comes to new projects. I need plan, structure, and steps. However, most of all I (sometimes) need a kick in the butt. I have plenty of ideas, but no action. The idea is just a thought. To have something you need to act on this idea. To act= do something, don’t write strategies, plans, do not overthink it. Just do a small step.

I had an idea for a blog, book blog in the Croatian language to be more specific. But, I was inspired to do something else. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, motivation, psychology and after the LEAP conference, I was inspired to do blog about that and in English. I had an idea and acted on it. I don’t know where will it lead me, but for now, it is fun and I enjoy creating content for the blog.

Don’t wait for the perfect idea, don’t wait for the perfect plan. You have ideas, but start working on it. Take one step at the time and enjoy the process.

Till next time,


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