Hustle culture


In today’s world, it is very popular to have multiple projects, work 24/7, grind, grind, grind. I don’t find this whole culture very healthy and interesting.  Definition says:

When an individual pushes his/herself to attain a goal.

Similar to gears grinding when they are worked beyond their capacity.

People need to have balance. In this work, work, work world people need time to unwind.

It’s ok to watch one or two episodes of favorite tv show, go on a walk, do something fun and relaxing.  Funny thing, when you do this non-work related stuff, you have more ideas and energy to do the work. When I need to do something creative or brainstorm ideas, I always go on a walk, without a mobile phone, and I get many ideas. For example, this blog.

What is your favorite thing to do to unwind?

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