Life expectation


Do you ever want more from the life? I always want more and expect more from others. Lately I came to the realization that I need expect more from myself. This is scary. however as all successful people say “you need to accept responsibility for your own life”.

4 Steps To Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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My, oh my, that was slap in the face! Sometimes I blamed others for my misfortune. I am always innocent. However not doing anything is also bringing me misfortune. I had a feeling “I want more” and I was jealous to the people who have success in their life. Maybe I should start doing what are they doing? I watched them, and later I start applied their rules to my life.

They work out, eat healthy, doing something outside their comfort zone and most importantly they have different mindset from mine. They see opportunities not  obstacle. 

To me, if a day wasn’t 100% successful, it was a horrible day. I need to lower down my expectations and one good habit in a day is enough. I also need to lose sentence “I don’t have time for this” out of my vocabulary. We all have 24 hours in a day, but what is our priority? Working out or watching TV? Some days it is working out, but from time to time I need to watch TV. Balance is the key! Not every day is going to be 100% productive and sometimes I need mental break. And this is ok.

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