How to change mindset?


In the last blog post, I wrote about mindset: fixed and growth. We all have both mindset (although I thought that I have only growth mindset) and that is ok. We can work on changing mindset, from fixed to growth.  Professor Dweck wrote blog post about that:

  1. Embrace your weakness and your fixed mindset
  2. You have an opportunity not challenge (every serious entrepreneur talks about it)
  3. Find your learning style and always try to learn
  4. Brain can be changed  throughout the life
  5. Enjoy the process

Those are some basic tips and tricks for changing mindset. Professor Dweck wrote in more detail about changing mindset and I recommend that you read her blog and book Mindset.

What part of your belief system you need to change?

Sending you lots of love and courage to go after the life you want,


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