Balance, baby, balance


We always read how successful people do things differently. They read, work out, eat right and get up early from the bed. Which is all great, but (at least for me) impossible to achieve on a  daily basis.  I can do all of that, but from time to time I will ignore my alarm, sometimes I will eat the cheeseburger and I will skip working out. Sometimes I need to read or watch something that is not really mindblowing or intelligent.

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It is because we all need balance and it is necessary for mental health. I am not productive 24/7/365 person because I am not the robot but I am trying to find the perfect balance between lazy days and productive days. So far I have not achieved it yet but I will one day. I am trying to have a little less lazy days and more productive.  

How are your days? Are you productive or lazy?

Sending you lots of love and courage to go after the life you want,


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