Hello everybody!

On Wednesday was my birthday so I decided to be a little more personal. Here are 50 random things about me.

    1. Hope you enjoyed learning something about me.



    1. My mother tongue is Croatian.
    2. I am an only child between my mom and dad.
    3. I have stepsister. She is 4 years younger.
    4. As a  kid, I always wanted a big brother.
    5. I am tall 175 cm or 5′ 8.8.
    6. I am really thin. I have 53 kg or 123.45 pounds.
    7. I am Scorpio or Rabbit in Chinese horoscope.
    8. I love to eat.
    9. I like to eat spicy food.
    10. I am not so great cook.
    11. And I am an even worst baker.
    12. I don’t like the gym.
    13. But I do like Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu.
    14. I have B.A. in journalism and M.A. in anthropology and comparative literature.
    15. I was planning to go on a PhD in Knoxville.
    16. I started to work as a journalist when I was in school.
    17. I worked in the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia for one year.
    18. I am a calm person.
    19. I have a dirty sense of humour.
    20. I wear glasses. I am short-sided.
    21. I really really like coffee.
    22. I don’t smoke.
    23. I like red wine.
    24.  I get cold easily.
    25. In the winter I always have cold feet and hands.
    26. Spring is my favourite season.
    27. I don’t like poetry.
    28. I like to read crime novels.
    29. I can spend hours in the library.
    30. I don’t have favourite movies and TV shows. It is always changing.
    31. I don’t like the online shop. I need to see, feel and touch the item.
    32. I don’t have tattoos but I like them on other people.
    33. I have only my ears pierced.
    34. When I started the blog, I never told anyone.
    35. I am a list maker. TO do list, goal list….
    36. And to add to that I like planning.
    37. I am punctual.
    38. I like to listen to jazz, classical music and metal.
    39. I enjoy going to the theatre but I rarely go.
    40. My mom is a guitar teacher and I don’t play any instrument.
    41. I have a high pain tolerance.
    42. My favourite colours are red, purple and black.
    43. My favourite animals are cats.
    44. I enjoy spending time alone.
    45. In school, I was bad at math and physics.
    46. I like to travel and the most exciting country was Ukraine. I visited Lviv.IMG_8671
    47. I’d like to see Aurora Borealis.
    48. I have scars on my left side of the face. Luckily they are invisible.
    49. I was born a leftie but my parents thought me to write with my right hand.
    50. I have a hard time when it comes to left and right, it is always “there”. Usually, a person watches my hands when I explain which way to go.



  1. Hope you enjoyed learning something about me.




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