Last Wednesday I was at job interview in Ljubljana. Ljubljana is approximately hour and half drive from my city.  After the interview, I strolled around city. Walked near river Ljubljanica, enjoying the sun and the nice weather. My bus was at 14.45, so I waited and waited and started to be agitated. I was angry because I didn’t know what is happening and where is the bus. I am most likely type a personality and I need to have my ducks in order and control.

After one hour of waiting, bus arrived. They had hard time to get to Ljubljana and that is the reason why they were late. So it was not a big deal but I was still agitated and it was dong no good for me. I learned a big lesion. I need to relax when I can not control things. Even the studies showed that when are we relaxed we are happier and we can learn more. So my goal is to be more relaxed person.

What is your goal?

Are you relaxed person?

All my love,


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