How to relax


In the last post I wrote that I can be stress and uptight person and in this post I decided to share my tips and techniques for relaxing when are in stressed situation.

My first tip is meditation and breathing deeply.  It helps me to focus on important things and being present. I do it for 5 minutes.  If that does’t help, I am calling my friend to tell her about my situation or I write it down in a journal (I am trying morning pages). My favorite method is workout,  I like to move it, move it (I had to, sorynotsorry) and walking especially in nature.

Daily, I try to have time just for myself and do something that interest me, or just doing nothing. Like Dr. Susan Biali, M.D. writes it is important to do nothing and gives a list of activities.

How can you re-cultivate the lost art of doing nothing? If you suffer the same “busy-ness withdrawal symptoms” when you try to stop, here are some suggestions (please note that all include the basic expectation that your smartphone is turned off and out of view):

1) Go out in a park or some other natural setting and just sit on a bench and be.

2) Go to a cafe alone without anything to read or do; order a cup of coffee or tea and sip it slowly, for as long as you can.

3) Put on soft music and lie on your couch to listen to it (sit upright if you tend to fall asleep! Napping is highly relaxing but doesn’t meet the goals of this exercise).

4) Go for a long aimless walk alone, stopping to sit and relax whenever you see an appealing bench.

5) Sit and watch an entire sunset or sunrise.

6) Go to a body of water (ocean, river, lake, whatever’s closest) and relax beside it, watching water and boats go by.

7) Lie on a patch of grass on a nice day and watch the clouds go by overhead.

8) Put a comfy chair by a window in your home and just sit and gaze out, watching the goings-on in the world outside. (Just like a cat! Possibly the most relaxed animal on earth…)

9) (Inspired by you-know-who) Don’t bring along a thing to read, watch or do the next time you take a plane, bus, subway or train ride.

Don’t be alarmed if you hate it at first, if everything inside you screams “DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE ALREADY!” The more you need to do nothing, the more your psyche will rail against it at first.

What is your favorite way to relax?


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