Working from home vs.working in the office


I was talking to my friend about work. I said “If I am working from home, I’ll be renting an office .” She looked at me and told me how ambitious I am. To be honest, I am not that ambitious but I’d rent an office just for my mental health. I need career growth, immediate response and social network. Only negative side is commute, but that hours I use for reading/listening audio book…

I do enjoy working from a home from time to time: I get to create my own hours, doing job in casual clothes and there is no commuting. Negative sides are too stronger: no human contact like you are in solitary, you need to be disciplined, job is 24/7 and sometimes day gets by.

Over all, both sides have pros and cons. For now, work in the office has more pros than cons, at least for me.

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