What is success?


Today I am writing what is success. According  to Collins dictionary:

Success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do.

So, your definition of success is the most important. I am  really not good in ignoring other peoples opinion. Sometimes I believe more other (bad) peoples opinion than my own. Society wrote all roles for us and expect us to follow it.  After all the years of school I had enough of other people opinion. I decided not to tell people about my plans. So far only few people know about my blog. When I was doing my driving exam, only my instructor knew about it. Never told my parents, my friends. I just did it.

I did define what is success for me. I want to be free and happy. I enjoy my blog, travelling and so on. For me success is living your live fully on your terms. Define what makes you happy. Steady job, freelancing, having freedom or structure schedule? After you define it, go after it. Go take online classes, practice if you need it. Just start. Either you’ll love it or hate it. Both answers are super.  Clarity comes from engagement, not thinking, as Marie Forleo said it.

Go and take a small step towards your dreams and definition of success,


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