Goal setting


End of year is very near. During November and December I tend to plan year ahead. I brain dump everything what I want to achieve in new year.

After that I do Marie Forleo technique: Dream big, plan small. 
Which means: on a piece of paper goes all my wishes and desired for new year. After a few weeks, I look upon my wishes and deiced what I really want. 
All on my wish list get very serious pruning. Everything not fun or interesting or realistic enough get dismissed.

What is left, I decide when will I do it.  Marie suggest monthly template, but it doesn’t work for me. I do it by four quadrants: I like quarterly  goals.

 After that every project I broke down into the small pieces. I make sure that the steps are achievable and not to big. If I want, for example, write a book, in the first quarter I will do outline, second and third I will write and edit in fourth quarter. 

What is your idea for goal setting?



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