Are we all born to be bosses?


In this hustle-you can do all-be your own boss-culture I was starting to wonder if we all are born to be bosses? Google search gave me thousand of answers an “Signs you were born to be a boss!” I even found astrology post about it.

I disagree, I don’t think we are all born to be bosses. Some like to wok for other people, like their coworkers and are happy in workplace. Other want more, explore the world, start and sell.  In this wave of new age gurus/ business mentors, I feel like we are all under pressure to have businesses and companies, hustle 24/7. I only agree that we are in charge of our life. Happiness and satisfaction are only important in work place along with paycheck.

Overall, I’d like to say: If you are happy as a employee, stay there and enjoy. If you are restless, ready to fail couple of times, go and have your business. 

What do you think?

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