How to start a blog?


I wrote about Why you should write a blog. Now it is time to find that sweet spot for your blog so you can start writing.

Find sweet spot

In one workshop, we found our sweet spot: it’s a cross-reference between what I love/like, I am good at and what people need.

Slikovni rezultat za sweet spot

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Choose  name, web and hosting
After you have found your sweet spot, its time to choose  name, web and hosting. I started a blog as a project. Every project has some deadlines, for example: first post by February 22. Or this month Ill have 5 blog post. Start small. I was (still am on WordPress).

Brainstorm ideas and create content calendar
We all have ideas. Put them on a paper and see what resonates with you. Then pull up the calendar and decide when will you publish your post. Will it be once a week or once a month?

Ditch the fear (or face your fears and do it anyway)
Last, ditch the fear. I know, easier said then done. Ask yourselfWhat will happen to me if I start a blog?” Identify your fears so you can repeir them or prevent them. Click for the video.

Bonus for having blog
When your future boss,Googles you and find your blog he will know that you have:

You are willing to learn
You finish what you start
Sense of responsibility

My story
I love to write, and I am good at giving advice. My background isn’t in psychology or entrepreneurship but I love them and I have some sort of knowledge. One day I opened WordPress, created account and stated to write. Had no idea what the hell is going on, so I leaned a lot on the way. Not so long ago, name of my blog has changed because I grew with it. I was pretty much afraid what will people say about blog? Will they tease me or accept it? This is the reason why blog had different name and why I haven’t told anyone about it. Now, I put it on my CV because I am proud of it. I post three times a week, because I have time to write. Once a month I do content calendar, search new ideas that fit in this blog.

Hopefully this will help you.
If you have blog/podcast/YouTube, send links to me. I’d like to check it out.

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