Go and get your dreams!


I was always girls who said: “I’ll do this after the exam. Or after I get raise.”  You know this type of person. I forced myself to go on a Muay Thai training. In years on a training I learnt a thing or two.

Perfect timing never exist. Perfect time is now

We are all getting older and with more tasks, kids, pets, family, comfort zone is a dream. Our safety net. We don’t have to do anything, just get and done our obligations and not to do anything with your dream.

Failing is 100% certain

When you start with your dream job, first idea is going to suck. Your first novel is going to suck too. I sucked at my first Muay Thai training. But, and it’s big BUT, after all the failing and learning from it, you’ll succeed faster.

We all have 24 hours in a day as a Beyonce (time is limited)

We will certainly die, sou you could use this time on Earth to do what you like. Don’t focus on the things you cant change. Don’t listen to people who are always talk, talk, talk, but the people who are actually doing the thing.  

I stared this blog as a book review, even though I wanted to write this type of blog post. Question of the day was “So what?” This is how was I motivated myself. Other question is “What is the worst thing it could happen to you if you do this thing you dream about?”

My dialog with myself was this:

I want to write about psychology but what if nobody reads it.

So what?

Friends and family will laugh at me.

So what?

Should I write about this business and psychology? I don’t have a degree in this field.
I am scared.

So what?

What if I suck at writing?

So what?

What if I  do this and fail miserably?

So what?

Nothing.  You’ll get up and find other thing.

Now it’s time for you to get up and chase your dreams.

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