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Its story time about Lucija behind the scenes. I was never born to be entrepreneur (dear Lord, I am an artistic person, not a business type person), doing the coding or having start up company at the age of 15. I was doing what I was told to do. Finished primary school, high school, university, first job. After that, nobody told me what to do. Never got any guide lines.

I want more of life!i was always telling and watching online videosLater I got the rest of sentence: You need to expect more of yourself. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

Slikovni rezultat za it hit me ton of bricks

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I found out that I need to have right mindset and habits (working out, eating right, learning…). I went big, doing all at once and it had to be perfect. I fail! Rome was not build in a day. I had excuse for some things (mostly working out). It wasI dont have timewhich translatesIts not important.”

I had to do everything in the same time and be perfect. Perfection does not exist! Some days are created to be under the blanket watching TV. Just decrease that kind of days. Balance is important.
This time I went slowly and steadily. One habit at the time. If I one day decide to be in a bed watching Netflix, its OK. I learned to lower my criteria. One little change is enough.


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