Women and money


Today’s blog post is very near and dear to my hear and its aimed for ladies. It is money. Many of women depend on men’s money. After the head of house is six feet under or found somebody else, they are confused. They don’t know anything about bills, investing and money in general.

Here are several bullet points with reasons why should every women know about finances:

  • Sometimes women will have lower pensions in the future. We have lower paychecks already.
  • Divorce rate is high. Be aware of that.
  • Women live longer. It is easier to deal with pain, but don’t  add extra stress with finances.
  • If you have someone who will give you large sum of money, what will you do it with it? Buy bunch of makeup and wigs?

This is your homework.

  • See your budget. Have a clear vision of where your money goes.
  • Create “The rainy day” money, a.k.a save some money. Recommended is for 3-6 months of expense.
  • Learn how to invest. Read, listen to podcasts, YouTube videos and experts are available mentors.
  • Start investing small amounts.

On top of earning more in returns, women were also less likely to lose money from their investments.


Learn and apply knowledge,


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