First birthday of blog!


I am so excited! My blog is one year old. In one year, I learned a lot about myself and I got a chance to meet new people. Blog (and I) grew together. From to just .com domain. From book reviews to advice. It is a fun ride! Doing this, I got to learn how to communicate in digital world. Yes, at first I felt as a fraud and didn’t tell anyone about it. Now it is in my CV.

Here are some things I learned.

1.) You can learn anything
I am an artistic soul, I write. However, I suck in graphic design (thank you for free templates) or content marketing. I am learning and I know just enough for my needs.

2.) You have time (learn time management and prioritize) 
Seriously, you do. I learned how to prioritize time and use it to my advantage (it means I don’t watch Netflix so much).

3.) Go with a grain
My blog started as a book review. Later I changed it to this because I felt it was right. You are allowed to change course of your life.

Slikovni rezultat za it's your birthday grumpy cat

Photo credit

What’s next?

I will be posting two to three times a week (Monday-Wednesday and sometimes Friday).
I will write longer blog posts.
I will be still sharing knowledge, tips and tricks.
It will be more of  photos taken by me (I don’t like editing photos)
Plus, a lot more. You know,  I go with a grain and do it.

Until next time, have fun!

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