Unemployed: now what?


Now in my country unemployed rate is growing, a lot of young people moved out. But Zagreb, capital city, is growing. You can see cafe bars and pubs full of people. Okay, some of that people are tourists.
I am also unemployed (meaning I do freelance work and work from time to time in a hotel) and know how this period of life be depressing.

Slikovni rezultat za looking for job

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How to survive this period of life?
1.) Learn something new:
knowledge is power. Try to learn as much as possible.

2.) Volunteer in company:
I write for Cantus, music magazine, but I said to my editor that I am willing to write for them for free. In my case, it was great, they are paying for my writing.

3.) Work any kind of (legal) work:
from time to time, I work in a hotel as a receptionist and I finished university.  Money is important and I need it. You are not too good for any kind of job.

4.) Start your own business or turn your hobby into something serious. Luckily, we have Internet. Here you can share your skills on Skillshare, Fiverr or start your own business.

5.) Start blogging/podcasting/YouTube channel
Show the world your talents. One of skill for future is creativity!

Hope you’ll get hired soon,

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