Self care


I noticed a lot of people (especially women) running around, having million tasks in a day, giving everything to others. Later, they say “I give them all.”all burnt out and without energy for their own life.
Self care has a huge role in life.

Self care in essence is the mindful taking time to pay attention to you, not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that ensures that you are being cared for by you.


Role of a self care in crucial, if you want to stay healthy and avoid burnout.  Self care is a daily thing its not one time deal!

Self care must include mind, body and soul/spirit. Spend time alone, do yoga, stroke a pet, unplug for an hour and write a diary. Whatever floats your boat, just do it and do it daily! Its okay to be selfish!

She makes my day better.

What are your favorite ways for self care?


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