Insecurity and self doubt


I am curious how are people behind closed doors. Are they confident?  I am not.

I doubted myself, my looks, my ability, everything. I was never enough. And my choices reflected that self-doubt. I also let self-doubt stop me from pursuing the things I wanted. It held me back from being who I wanted to be. I was teased in primary school a lot. Having glasses and being tall and skinny was so uncool.
After I got my Baccalaureate, I went to Faculty of humanities and social science to study anthropology. There I was like a new person. Confident, looked good and I started to be very positive person.

I had to do some self reflection: know my strength and weakness so I can improve.
I stopped comparison to others. I have unique set of talents.
I try to avoid perfection: Lord this is hard for me. I nearly quit blogging before I published first post. Why? Because it’s not perfect enough.  I was afraid of being judged, mocked and bullied. I see myself as a writer, so I write. The way you see yourself, determines the way other see you.

person holding black and orange typewriter
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People who are living the life they want didn’t allow self-doubt to get in the way. They took action.

Start now!

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