Why I want to attend Spark.me 2019?


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Hope you all know how much I like learning and improving. I enjoy going to conferences, learning and meeting new people. Here in the region we have a big conference in Montenegro called Spark.me. It is described:

Where Business Meets Digital Innovation – Join business, technology and innovation leaders, marketers, startups, and geeks, and have fun by the beach.

My initial thought was: it sounds like fun.
I checked the list of speakers. I haven’t heard for many of them. However, I looked up past events. Spark.me is actually setting trends here with speakers. Many speakers were first on Spark.me and later on different conferences here in Balkan region.

Location is to die for. I can’t describe this beauty of Bay of Kotor.

Most importantly, I trust other bloggers recommendation. Tea went two times on Spark.me and claims it is the best. She is preparing to go for the third time, so it must mean something.
Web portal Netokracija also had an article about Spark.me which sparks my interest.

After all,

Spark.me conference is designed to inspire you, to ignite your imagination, and to help you find YOUR spark.

See you on Spark.me 2019,


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