Reset your New Year resolutions


Long time no read! 🙂

First of July is behind is and it is the best time to reflect on your goal list and perhaps tweak it a bit.
My favorite practice is writing. I do brain dump of everything and then I check it if it resonates with me. Lately, I did some visions board with words that are appealing to me.
What else you can do to find out what you want?

  • You can find your sweet spot .
  • You can write personal manifesto. It is recommended that you write in present and past tense.
  • You can write your 3 year plan. Where do you see yourself in 3 years (or 5 year plan. Personally I don’t like 5-year plans.)
  • You can do some morning pages.

Be sure, you can do it! Have you personal business or life goals and smash them!

Till next time, be creative,

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