How to start after long pause?



I took a huge pause from blogging and creating content in general. I felt fed up with writing and I felt I need a break. However, I didn’t have an end date of this pause. This is my mistake. The general feeling of being fed up with almost every aspect of life and blog hiatus was just first sacrificed. How can I write blog posts if I am feeling stagnant? Who will read it? So I took a big break and I am not sorry for it. When I look back, I enjoyed my time off from the blog.

Life happens between breaks and I get to enjoy it, spend time with my friends and family, made new friends and learn new things. I tried to grow as a person. Even if I wasn’t writing, I tried to learn new craft or skill.

After I decided to start again, I had almost 2 months long conversations with myself. Should I continue or no? What will I say to people? Do I still have time, energy and will to start again? I want to, but I am not so sure. If I start this and fail, people will remember this forever. It took me so long to start to write again because I was scared. I gave a big name to a new beginning.

 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese proverb.

Writing the first blog post, it doesn’t make me a blogger. Having a camera and clicking away, it doesn’t make me a photographer. Writing a blog post can give me an idea if I am like writing it or I am not that interested in blogging as a form. I already know that I like writing and blog, but I need the courage to publish posts for the whole world to see. I would like for this blog to keep running.

Like Marie Foleo said it:

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. 

So I found courage, find a person who will help me with technical stuff and started to type this post. I know, in general, what kind of content I want to create. With engagement and as I and blog grow, it will be adjusted to suit new needs. Hope you will stick around.

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