Life after quarantine

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

From 11. May, our lock down is officially over. We still follow the rules of WHO and Croatian institute of public health, but we can go out, to the gym, to the bar etc. However, in this lock down, I left all my goals, dreams, everything. I just eat, sleep, watch Netflix. I was so not productive and it is okay. You don’t need to be productive in the global pandemic.
However, I do strive when I am busy and I actually love to be busy. It means that I am achieving something. When I was in school & work, I was very organized and I was achieving my goals, but when I graduated, later when I was unemployed, I didn’t know what to do with so much free time. I didn’t have accountability. I had no boss, no kids, no husband, no dog be responsible. Dream of every teenager. I was not a teen. Slug, depressed state was catching up. Plan for the day was just existing. Cycle of eat- watch TV- sleep. For that you don’t need a planer.

After all this craziness, I realized that I don’t lead the life of discipline so it can be very chaotic. My mom is very organized and disciplined woman, that characteristic I haven’t inherit from her. For now, my main goal is to be more disciplined when I have free time and as a result I will be more productive. Habits are key in life. With our habits we can change life. I know I’ll do my best to work on my habits and discipline. Everyday I choose what I want to be: a) organized and productive person or b) lazy and chaotic person. Every decision is vote for person A or person B. Eat salad is vote for person A. Spending time on YouTube- Vote for person B. So for now I am trying to be more of a person A and also I am working on leaving bad habits.
What do you do in this lock down? Are you productive, learning Japanese, writing a book or you are taking time off? After all this is over, will you work on your habits? Let me know down below.



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