Don’t be like a deer in headlights- here are some tricks for acing online presentation

Hello and welcome back to my blog.
Last Thursday, I attended a webinar held by IPMA Young Crew Croatia and guest speaker was Tea Zavacki. The topic of the webinar was Communication in front of the camera and Tea gave so many useful tips.

1.) Know your audience: What do they need?
What you know what your audience needs you can prepare your Power Point presentation using 4MAT structure

structuring your key message


Your presentation needs to answer to the 4 questions:
Why?Why is this important?
What? What your audience needs to know?
How? How will your product help them?
What if? What if your client is not satisfied with a product, what will you do? You can use it also for the conclusion of your presentation.

2.) Nonverbal communication

Since we communicate non verbally for 55% of the time, pay close attention to your body, gestures and ticks.
Have an open body language: chest out, posture straight, shoulders rolled back. Chin is parallel with the floor.
Feel free to use your hands for communication but don’t cover your face.
Try to at least one sentence say looking straight into the camera.
A preference of mine is also not to have anything between and camera and I like to get close to the camera.
Tea also advises for virtual background if you don’t have super professional background.

3.) Stage fright

Okay, we are not used to to look into the camera. It can be scary and we are afraid of not being accepted by our group.
Stage fright is showing up in the first three minutes of presentation so start your presentation with questions (IE. how are you?) and develop discussion, not your monologue.
You need to prepare yourself (practice at home) and presentation, try to see possible risks and what will you do to avoid them or minimize them.
Last advice you are not going to like it: PRACTICE & FEEDBACK.

Bonus tip: Dance for 3 minutes before online presentation.

I hope this is helpful for you and I’d like to recommend you a blog post about successful public speaking.
Tell me what advice is most useful to you in the comment section.


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