Summer quarterly goals 2020

Hello everybody!

This year I tried quarterly goals. I saw Jenna Moreci doing them for years so why not to try it.

First quarter was so- so, this one was also relatively okay. Jenna is setting huge amount of goals (15- 20) and tries to achieve half of them.
I took page from her book and tried it.

Let’s look at last quarter:

  • Financial goal
  • Saving goal
  • New job- thanks Covid-19, not gonna happen
  • Write article for travel magazine
  • Start outlining story for book
  • Write 20k words for this said book
  • Anthropology webinar
  • Get haircut- did it pre-lock down
  • Relaunch blog
  • Launch YouTube
  • Finish Google Ads webinar
  • Do LCHF grüne kure
  • Do 2 online classes
  • Use 5 makeup/ beauty products

As you can see, I had 14 goals and achieved 8, which means, by Jenna’s word “I won the quarter!”
So now it’s time to set another set of quarterly goals. Jenna said “public humiliation is the best motivator.”

  • Focus more on blog
  • Focus on YouTube – for now, I don’t have scheduled upload. Apparently, I upload whenever I want 😉
  • Marketing plan for both platforms
  • Write article for travel magazine
  • Participate in no buy for this quarter
  • Hairdresser- this time is for balayage 🙂
  • Learn about SQL
  • Exercise 3 times a week
  • Eat healthy
  • Figure out mailing list
  • Outline the book
  • Write 10 k words
  • Eye doc
  • Private goal;)

Will I succeed or will I fail flat? We shall see in 3 months.

Any way, my advice to you is:

a) don’t have too many goals: pick 3 goals for the year

b) break big goals in smaller goals: monthly/ bimonthly or quarterly

c) move them into your calendar or to do lists



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