Why this blog? Why now?

Writing was always a passion of mine. I wanted to write for years, even started few unsuccessful blogs, but never hit publish button. Even this one, I never told anybody about it. Fear was holding me back. If I opened myself and my life online, I had to be prepared for the good, the bad and ugly. If I am not willing to be open with my readers, it is not good. I am not authentic.
Fear consumed me, I was not ready to share it all online, even though I was not sure what “it all” means. I was worried of being judged the way I run my life, the things I did do and things I didn’t do. Fun fact: It doesn’t matter. I realized it after a lot of work on myself.
My mission is to share knowledge and there will be people who are helped, feel less alone or at least they will be entertained, so to be honest, it doesn’t matter if somebody judges me.
Best stories, changes and breakthroughs come from good conversation and hearing other peoples’ stories. I am willing to hear yours.

In the last two years. I have been through a lot of changes. Writing was always my thing, my jam. Here I can share my own journey with creating online content. Good, bad and ugly. If it happens blog becomes good online business, you will be the first to know. For now I want to share what I have learned and tried to make life easier and to have more balance life.

Now, for the selfish part!

One of the selfish reasons why I have this blog is the fact that I love to create content. Brainstorming, writing, editing, I can spend hours on those activities. The blog makes me happy. Selfish, I know! Even if no one reads my blog, I would still be writing, creating content. When I stopped for a while, I always wonder “what about blog?” and I was always writing ideas. Some ideas were good and some not so much. But, they were always about the blog so deleting it is off the table. I can commit writing blog posts every other Tuesday.

The second selfish reason is that writing is like a therapy to me, it helps me to think. I knew where I should be in life, but I have no idea WHAT I want from life and WHAT I need to do. Which way to go? After University, I was lost. Back to square one, like a total beginner. So writing (brainstorming) was helpful. I came to the best possible answer. Sometimes, there is one person who needs to hear or, in my case, read, that answer.
If you are here, feeling alone after high school or University, you are not alone. We all have been there. You will figure it out and I am here to support you in your journey.
If you want to come along, I am honored and happy to have you. Also, I am always happy to hear your story so feel free to connect with me on social.

Till next time take care,


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