Let’s prepare & plan for 2021

Hello everybody! Hope you have a wonderful December and if you are anything like me, you think about new goals for 2021. Honestly, this year has been stressful on all of us and I flaked with my 2020 goals. Even though I am a silver liner, from March 2020 it was very hard for meContinue reading “Let’s prepare & plan for 2021”

5 lessons I learned in 2020

In this crazy 2020, we have seen a lot. Year has started great, but from March the whole world stopped. A new virus has locked the world. Here, we had spring lock-down. Only essential workers were working. Which was okay, people understood the importance of lock-down. In the summer, we had a relaxed lock-down. Meaning,Continue reading “5 lessons I learned in 2020”