How to start after long pause?



I took a huge pause from blogging and creating content in general. I felt fed up with writing and I felt I need a break. However, I didn’t have an end date of this pause. This is my mistake. The general feeling of being fed up with almost every aspect of life and blog hiatus was just first sacrificed. How can I write blog posts if I am feeling stagnant? Who will read it? So I took a big break and I am not sorry for it. When I look back, I enjoyed my time off from the blog.

Life happens between breaks and I get to enjoy it, spend time with my friends and family, made new friends and learn new things. I tried to grow as a person. Even if I wasn’t writing, I tried to learn new craft or skill.

After I decided to start again, I had almost 2 months long conversations with myself. Should I continue or no? What will I say to people? Do I still have time, energy and will to start again? I want to, but I am not so sure. If I start this and fail, people will remember this forever. It took me so long to start to write again because I was scared. I gave a big name to a new beginning.

 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Chinese proverb.

Writing the first blog post, it doesn’t make me a blogger. Having a camera and clicking away, it doesn’t make me a photographer. Writing a blog post can give me an idea if I am like writing it or I am not that interested in blogging as a form. I already know that I like writing and blog, but I need the courage to publish posts for the whole world to see. I would like for this blog to keep running.

Like Marie Foleo said it:

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. 

So I found courage, find a person who will help me with technical stuff and started to type this post. I know, in general, what kind of content I want to create. With engagement and as I and blog grow, it will be adjusted to suit new needs. Hope you will stick around.

It’s so hard- story about new beginnings

Are you following the rules? You always follow society’s rules and one day “poof”; you are now an adult and you know all? And by knowing all I mean, stay in your lane. You are biologist, you can’t change your career to writer. You are not writer, you are biologist.

You are feeling not good enough. You need that creative outlet, but what will your neighbors say? Now you’re confused about what to do. Stay in your field or thy the writing career?
I am structure rule follower, I admit. Society tells me what to do: go to the kindergarten, go to primary school, go to high school, then university (for 5 years, of course!). Then, you’ll figure it out in the real world. On the real job.
When you finish university, you have feeling of loneliness and sadness, you always knew what to do, what is your next project, when are exams. In real life, you, or at last, I didn’t have a single clue what I want to do and work. I knew I enjoy writing and learning about self development, writing as art. This is why I started this blog. I enjoyed creating content for readers, but somehow I felt not so good enough. Who am I to tell people what I know what I have tested and what worked for me? I’m not psychologist, life coach or some other fancy title. I am just a girl who happened to know a thing or two. Stopped writing for few months, because “I am not good enough” syndrome.
My pride and joy, my blog, was on the back burner for months just because I couldn’t figure out what I’ll do with my life. None told me what to do. In some of my posts, I poured my heart and soul and got cricket sounds. These things can shake you and make you quit from passions and hobbies.
If you are something like me, you’ll have the next thing I am going to tell you:

Persistence is the key!

Groundbreaking, I know. Easier said then done. Hear me out. When you (& I) are starting something new, it’s common not to get any kind of feedback. Good, bad, ugly one. Comments from friends and family members. You came excited about the next big project and you got some mean comment. Or they ask “what the hell you know about it?”
Our friends are just nice and careful about us, they don’t want us to be hurt. Sometimes, they question our motives for starting new project. They can be our biggest critics, just because they care.
You just pull up your big girl/boy pants and keep going. No matter how silent it is. Sometimes, you need to be your own biggest cheerleader and toughen the f up.

Don’t believe me. Here is quote from one of the American actresses
Aisha Tyler:

“Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”

In order to succeed, we need a fail few times. I am willing to sacrifice few fails in life (and this is hard to admit for me) in order to live happily and successful life. I probably won’t quit blogging, because I enjoy it so much, My goal is to share my knowledge. Maybe I am not a trained psychologist, but I do have some smart advice up my sleeve.

I would like for you to join me on this platform, to have a conversation with you and we can share knowledge. What are yours next goals that you thought of abandoning and now you want? Will you be more persistence in life? Let me know in comments down below.
Just remember persistence is the key in life! You’ll need to be your own cheerleader in life, not just critic. And if it helps, I am here for you.

Till the next time, share this post with someone who’ll benefit from reading it, subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram,

Highly recommended read: Atomic habits

Hello everybody.

Before I wrote about habits and how to change bad: ones. Often I got recommendation to read James Clears book:

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones.

James writes very clearly how to be better everyday by 1% , so clearly I was interested.

Also, the line that struck me most is: you don’t need goal setting, focus on system instead.
How to make a new habit or replace bad one? Our habits follow pattern of cue- craving- respond- reward. So called the 4 laws that James Clear wrote to establish new habit.
1. Make it obvious: put what (behavior/habit), when and where on your calendar. You need to write it down, otherwise it won’t happen.
For example: I will workout on Monday (DAY) at 7. 30 (TIME) in gym (PLACE).
Later you can try habit stacking. After current habit, you will NEW HABIT.
Example: After my cup of coffee, I will meditate.
James advises that you need to prepare your environment for success. Have dedicated area for special task. One area= one task. Which is hard if you live in a small flat, but have parts of your flat for different tasks. I have heard that some authors have specific places to write. In a living room they write one type of book and in home office other type of book.

2. Make it attractive: Pair an action you want to do with an action you need to do. For example, after writing this blog post, I can be on social media. It’s like having cookie after good workout. This is reward system.
Extra advice is: Join community you want to be part of with your new habits (James wrote: Join a culture where your desired behavior is the normal behavior) and prepare your environment. You’re five people you’re surrounded with, remember?

3. Make it easy: Or K. I. S. S. Don’t start big and scary with new habits. Rather start small and something that can be done in 2 minutes. Everybody can endure 2 minutes of new and unpleasant feelings to have new habit.

4. Make it satisfying: give yourself reward after completing the habit. Try to keep a habit tracker and remember golden rule of habits: Never miss twice.

Overall, James Clear wrote cohesive book with successful tools to implement new habit. His view of goals, system and habits is unique. I enjoyed on creating new habits, mostly because I am more focused on goals. I’ll try to implement of some of his tools to stack good habits and be more focused on system.

Have you read this book? What do you think about it? Will you change some of your habits?



Med Angels Again Partners With Techne Summit Dubrovnik for the event’s First Virtual Edition

The Mediterranean Business Angel Investment Network, the only angel network focused on bringing together investors and startups from around the Mediterranean, both North and South, is again partnering with Techne Summit Dubrovnik, the leading innovation event in Croatia. 

Techne Summit, is supported by their excellencies, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr. Mato Franković, and the Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Mr. Nikola DOBROSLAVIĆ, and is at its 3rd edition. The event will take place from 12-14 of June, for the first time virtually in response to the COVID19 action plans. Med Angels and Techne are both working to strengthen startup ecosystems and increase deal flow by bringing together investors and startups from over 30 countries.

Techne Summit Dubrovnik will have 5 tracks: Fintech, Healthtech and Marketing and Media, Startup Academy and an Investors’ bootcamp. Over 50 speakers will be debating the future of innovation and business in the Med region. The full agenda is accessible here: https://dbv.technesummit.com/agenda 

The event will also host a startup World Cup competition, where the winners will receive a prize of 1,000,000 USD. The results will be announced on June 14th. 

Startups can also showcase virtually, get virtually mentored 1 on 1 by one of the international experts associated with the Techne network, and can target future prospects via a Techne AI powered Matchmaking Tool.

Leading investors will be connected representing over over 45 investment funds and networks from over 20 countries from all across Europe, the Middle East and North and West Africa, and the US:

  1. 17 Ventures
  2. 37 angels 
  3. ABAN Angels
  4. AEBAN
  5. Ajyal capital
  6. African Business Angel Network
  7. Alexandria Business Angels
  8. Angel Capital Association 
  9. ANIMA Investment Network
  10. Beyond Capital
  11. Business Angels Association of Turkey (TBAA)
  12. Business Angels Network Catalunya (BANC)
  13. Business Angels Malta
  14. Business Angels of Slovenia
  15. Carthage Business Angels
  16. Croatian Business Angels
  17. EBAN
  18. Endeavor Greece
  19. Fil Rouge Capital
  20. Hellenic Business Angels
  21. HIVOS Impact Investment
  22. Hoxton Ventures
  23. IESE Business Angels
  24. IM Capital
  25. Invicta Angels
  26. Italian Angels for Growth
  27. Med Angels
  28. Montenegrin Business Angels Network (MEBAN)
  29. Mobility Ventures
  30. Moroccan Business Angels Network (MoBAN)
  31. Nextech Ventures
  32. Nuwa Capital
  33. Outlierz Ventures
  34. Rainmaker, Inc
  35. Red Angels
  36. RedStart Tunisia
  37. Riyad Capital
  38. Seedstars
  39. Sofia Business Angels
  40. Startup Grind Warsaw
  41. TBAA Turkish Business Angels Association
  42. Tech Coast Angels
  43. The Fintech Community of Israel
  44. The Next Women Tunisie
  45. Tiye Angels
  46. UGFS North Africa
  47. VC4A
  48. VentureWell
  49. World Business Angel Investment Forum

Investors and business angels have the chance to sign up to the investor bootcamp, which includes 2 unique Masterclasses. One masterclass is run by serial entrepreneur Angela Lee, founder of 37 Angels, Chief Innovation Officer at Columbia Business School and TED speaker. Another is run by John Harbison, Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels. Investors can register for the Investors bootcamp here: https://dbv.technesummit.com/master-class

To secure your place at Techne, sign up now: https://dbv.technesummit.com/#tickets