3 techniques I use


Today I want to share my top 3 techniques for productivity and laser focus

1.Calendar blocking

Forget about to do lists, calendar blocking is future. What is it about? Essentially, you take your google calendar and block out chunks of time for specific tasks and to coordinate the day. For example, I know for writing ugly first draft I need 2 hours. So I block on calendar “writing on Friday from 10-12 am.”
How to do it? I use Google calendar, but you can use proper planer.

Start by adding start/ end times
When you wake up and when you plan go to bed. Add those time first, so you know how much time in a day you have left.

Add routines & activities
How much time you are commte? Are you meditating? Going to the gym? Add those time here. Every routine counts. Is every Friday movie night? Add it. Your reports needs to be done by Friday? Add it here.
Also, I recommend every Sunday, you can review your week and see how was it.

You can colour code everything (my recommendation) and google has raecurring events, so it is easier for you. I’d recommend you to put some buffer time between different tasks.

You can go a step further and use time blocking. Time-blocking adds a few more advanced elements and asks a little more specific questions in how you spend your time. Mike from Productivityist has a article on this. 

Marianna’s Study Corner, a well-known study channel

2. Batching

After calendar blocking, my second favourite productivity tick is batching. Batching is the act of grouping similar tasks together, so you do them all at once. If I am writing ugly, first draft, it means I am writing. It doesn’t mean, I am writing, editing and publishing. On other days I do those tasks. Later in a day, I answer e-mails, or create social media posts. For brainstorming, I block time in a day when I just scribble what comes to mind. Which brings me to my third favourite tool

3. Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique is developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Usually, you decide on what task you want to work on. Work on it for 25 min, end when the timer rings and put a check mark on a piece of paper and take a short break (3 to 5 minutes). After four pomodoros, take a longer break (15-30 min), reset your check mark to zero and do it all again.
A pomodoro is indivisible; when interrupted during a pomodoro, either the other activity must be recorded and postponed or the pomodoro must be abandoned.

Cirillo suggests:

Specific cases should be handled with common sense: If you finish a task while the Pomodoro is still ticking, the following rule applies: If a Pomodoro begins, it has to ring. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity for overlearning, using the remaining portion of the Pomodoro to review or repeat what you’ve done, make small improvements, and note what you’ve learned until the Pomodoro rings.

What are your favourite techniques? Add your recommendation below.
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Envy as a guide

Happy Halloween!

What a better time to think about seven deadly sins. One of sin is green-eyed monster, envy. Psychologists, therapists and your friends are right when they say “Envy is bad. You have a jealous partner, run” and I agree.

Wikipedia’s definition of Envy (from Latin invidia: non-sight) is an emotion which

“occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it”

Aristotle defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune, stirred by “those who have what we ought to have.
In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the envious labour are under cloaks of lead, their eyelids sewn tight with leaden wire—envy is a form of blindness.

According to Chaucer “all other sins oppose one virtue, but envy is against all virtue and all
goodness” and is therefore the worst of the capitals sins.

Bertrand Russell said that envy was one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. Not only is the envious person rendered unhappy by their envy, but that person may also wish to inflict misfortune on others to reduce their status.

Beggars do not envy millionaires, though of course they will envy other beggars who are more successful

No wonder it’s one of the deadly sins. Or is it really deadly?

I think there is bad envy and a good one, benign one. Benign envy can be helpful in career and in life. What if envy can show us something? Can it be our guide in a business world? My theory is that it can show us our hidden desire. Psychologists are agreeing with me.

Psychologists distinguish “true” (malicious) envy from benign envy—malicious envy being proposed as an unpleasant emotion that causes the envious person to want to bring down the better-off even at their own cost, while benign envy involves recognition of other’s being better-off, but causes the person to aspire to be as good. Psychologists have suggested that real or malicious envy should be distinguished from “benign envy”—malicious envy being proposed as an unpleasant emotion that causes the envious person to want to bring down the better-off even at their own cost, while benign envy involves recognition of other’s being better-off, but causes the person to aspire to be as good.[ However, Sherry Turkle considers that the advent of social media and selfie culture is creating an alienating sense of “self-envy” psyche in users, and posits this further affects problem areas attached to attachments. Envy and gloating have parallel structures as emotions.

The only type of envy that can have positive effects also is benign envy. According to researchers, benign envy can provide emulation, improvement motivation, positive thoughts about the other person, and admiration. This type of envy, if dealt with correctly, can positively affect a person’s future by motivating them to be a better person and to succeed.
We , as humans, tend to avoid negative aspects of life and avoid negative emotion. It is possible to turn this negative emotional state into a motivational tool that can help a person to become successful in the future.”

If I am jealous on a certain blogger because she has interesting career, her blog is amazing, posts are well written and full of tips and envy in me is tickling me, maybe it will show me what I need to do? I am not talking about malicious envy, but that little spark of jealousy where you are intrigued. I started this blog because I felt inspired to write the book reviews and first post were in Croatian. However, later it was pivoted, I started to share what I know and in English because I was a bit jealous of some bloggers and YouTubers. English is not their mother language, yet they’re creating content in English. They are not pro in the field, it doesn’t stop them to share knowledge. I could do that also. Jealousy was actually leading me to this blog today.
Overall, we can say that the blog is the result of inspired action and a sprinkle of jealousy.

Have you ever been benign envy of someone’s career? Was it to show you the way for your next step? If so, did you take it?

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It’s so hard- story about new beginnings

Are you following the rules? You always follow society’s rules and one day “poof”; you are now an adult and you know all? And by knowing all I mean, stay in your lane. You are biologist, you can’t change your career to writer. You are not writer, you are biologist.

You are feeling not good enough. You need that creative outlet, but what will your neighbors say? Now you’re confused about what to do. Stay in your field or thy the writing career?
I am structure rule follower, I admit. Society tells me what to do: go to the kindergarten, go to primary school, go to high school, then university (for 5 years, of course!). Then, you’ll figure it out in the real world. On the real job.
When you finish university, you have feeling of loneliness and sadness, you always knew what to do, what is your next project, when are exams. In real life, you, or at last, I didn’t have a single clue what I want to do and work. I knew I enjoy writing and learning about self development, writing as art. This is why I started this blog. I enjoyed creating content for readers, but somehow I felt not so good enough. Who am I to tell people what I know what I have tested and what worked for me? I’m not psychologist, life coach or some other fancy title. I am just a girl who happened to know a thing or two. Stopped writing for few months, because “I am not good enough” syndrome.
My pride and joy, my blog, was on the back burner for months just because I couldn’t figure out what I’ll do with my life. None told me what to do. In some of my posts, I poured my heart and soul and got cricket sounds. These things can shake you and make you quit from passions and hobbies.
If you are something like me, you’ll have the next thing I am going to tell you:

Persistence is the key!

Groundbreaking, I know. Easier said then done. Hear me out. When you (& I) are starting something new, it’s common not to get any kind of feedback. Good, bad, ugly one. Comments from friends and family members. You came excited about the next big project and you got some mean comment. Or they ask “what the hell you know about it?”
Our friends are just nice and careful about us, they don’t want us to be hurt. Sometimes, they question our motives for starting new project. They can be our biggest critics, just because they care.
You just pull up your big girl/boy pants and keep going. No matter how silent it is. Sometimes, you need to be your own biggest cheerleader and toughen the f up.

Don’t believe me. Here is quote from one of the American actresses
Aisha Tyler:

“Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”

In order to succeed, we need a fail few times. I am willing to sacrifice few fails in life (and this is hard to admit for me) in order to live happily and successful life. I probably won’t quit blogging, because I enjoy it so much, My goal is to share my knowledge. Maybe I am not a trained psychologist, but I do have some smart advice up my sleeve.

I would like for you to join me on this platform, to have a conversation with you and we can share knowledge. What are yours next goals that you thought of abandoning and now you want? Will you be more persistence in life? Let me know in comments down below.
Just remember persistence is the key in life! You’ll need to be your own cheerleader in life, not just critic. And if it helps, I am here for you.

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