#Girlboss by Sophie Amoruso


This week I finally red book by Sophie Amoruso #Girlboss. I always thought that this book is over hyped but I was surprised. Sophie gives amazing career advice and she is telling you her formula: just do it and do it good. It was quick and pleasant read, but very informative. Her advice is sometimes obvious, but, repetition is the mother of knowledge: i.e treat  your LinkedIn as your online CV, be nice at work, etc. but some advice is good, like to have boundaries at work, compete with yourself and “money looks better in your bank account than on your feet”, but some entrepreneur needs to hear. Sophia gives all the details, the good one and the bad ones on how to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not an easy ride, but it is worth it. And there is more than one way to success.

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S obzirom na gore navedene činjenice, upitala sam se “što bih mogla raditi?”  Jedna od mogućnosti bila je blog. To mi je i izazov i izvor veselja te sam izuzetno sretna što sam u mogućnost testirati je li moguće raditi ono što zaista voliš. Volim knjige, volim pričati o knjigama i volim pisanje. Zato ovaj blog. Moj outlet za književnost i knjige.


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