Reset your New Year resolutions


Long time no read! 🙂

First of July is behind is and it is the best time to reflect on your goal list and perhaps tweak it a bit.
My favorite practice is writing. I do brain dump of everything and then I check it if it resonates with me. Lately, I did some visions board with words that are appealing to me.
What else you can do to find out what you want?

  • You can find your sweet spot .
  • You can write personal manifesto. It is recommended that you write in present and past tense.
  • You can write your 3 year plan. Where do you see yourself in 3 years (or 5 year plan. Personally I don’t like 5-year plans.)
  • You can do some morning pages.

Be sure, you can do it! Have you personal business or life goals and smash them!

Till next time, be creative,

Ask for help, its not a shame


I was always Icandoit girl and complain about heavy tasks later to my family and friends. I know that hard things push us outside comfort zone, and we this way learn and grow. However, we are often surround by amazing people who want to help us, but we are in our little Ineedtodoit and I have to do it world, and we dont see this amazing opportunities and help we need.
Second, our ego is in our way. What will people think if I ask for help? Will they think I am weakPeople dont care. They think about their own problems.
I came to realization that I dont have to do everything by myself. Does this make me weak? No. I am not the strongest girl in the world. I need help, and I am not afraid to ask for it.

What about you? Do you ask for help or you are doing everything yourself?

Reward system

Hi everybody!

Today I want to share my method for productivity. It is an award system.
For example, I have to write and edit blog post, after I am done with it, I’ll get cup of coffee/ chocolate/something else. It works fantastically for me.
According, to,  

Employee recognition is one of the key drivers when motivating employees in the workplace, and 78 percent of employees would work harder if they were better recognized, according to Globoforce. It’s really as simple as that. More recognition for work well done means happier, more engaged employees who are more invested in your organization and driven to produce great work.

So rewards are essential for productivity,whether you are solo-preneur, or employee.