Ask for help, its not a shame

Hey! I was always I–can–do–it girl and complain about heavy tasks later to my family and friends. I know that hard things push us outside comfort zone, and we this way learn and grow. However, we are often surround by amazing people who want to help us, but we are in our little I–need–to–do–it andContinue reading “Ask for help, its not a shame”

Why I want to attend 2019?

Hi! (If you are blogger, vlogger, podcaster and like conferences click here. ) Hope you all know how much I like learning and improving. I enjoy going to conferences, learning and meeting new people. Here in the region we have a big conference in Montenegro called It is described: Where Business Meets Digital Innovation –Continue reading “Why I want to attend 2019?”

Successful public speaking

Hello! I already wrote about LEAP Summit and Pre-summit workshops. One of the workshops was about public speaking and how to be successful in it. It can be scary, makes us anxious and we don’t like it. Karlo from Speech Fennel gave us useful tips and tricks.  5 minutes before public speaking Try Superhero pose StandContinue reading “Successful public speaking”