Highly recommended read: Atomic habits

Hello everybody. Before I wrote about habits and how to change bad: ones. Often I got recommendation to read James Clears book: Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. James writes very clearly how to be better everyday by 1% , so clearly I was interested. Also,Continue reading “Highly recommended read: Atomic habits”

Changing my habits: review

Hello! Today I am reviewing my goals about changing the habits. Morning habit Writing my journal Plan the day (3 main goals) Do not open up my phone upon waking up Writing: not so much I did it Phone: my frenemy, my extension. Major fail. Habit in the day Walking or dancing for 1 hourContinue reading “Changing my habits: review”

Tell me your habits and I’ll tell you who you are

Hello! One of the most important things that shape us are our habits. What we think, what we do and what we get in life. We are slave of our habits. We wake up at the certain time, hitting that snooze button couple of times. Dressing the certain way. Eating 2 eggs in the morning.Continue reading “Tell me your habits and I’ll tell you who you are”